Want to inspire others to say no to new too? Here are four simple ways to do just that

By pledging to take part in Second Hand September, you’ve taken a stand to make fashion more people and planet-friendly. Here are four ways to get your friends and family involved too – and make an even bigger difference in the process.


1. Spread the word about fashion’s impact

Right now, a lot of people have no idea about the planet-wrecking effects of throwaway fashion. Chances are if they did, they’d probably want to do something about it… Did you know that the UK sends 11 million items of clothing to landfill – EVERY week? You’ll find more facts to share in this blog.

Oxfam Second Hand September

2. Show off your finds

Sometimes, a little inspiration is all it takes. So show people how great second hand fashion can look – share your best buys with #SecondHandSeptember.

You might even win a prize – we’ll be picking our favourite second hand look once a week, throughout September.

If you’re after inspiration yourself, you’ll find more great outfits @oxfamonlinebatley run by the team at Wastesaver, our huge recycling and sorting centre in Batley.

Oxfam Second Hand September

3. Throw a mega-swap

You don’t always have to buy second hand to do Second Hand September. Just get friends and family together to swap unwanted clothes instead. The more the merrier and the better the choice. If any items don’t find a new home you can help fight poverty – and landfill – by donating them to your nearest Oxfam shop instead.

Oxfam Second Hand September

4. Skill-up with a friend

Hankering after a new look? Try raiding your own wardrobe. Chances are there is at least one item that’s ripe for upcycling. Visit Love Your Clothes for how-to guides, then get a friend or two over for an afternoon of creative fashion fun.
You’ll be able to share ideas – and inspire each other to learn some new skills. Created something great? Share it online #SecondHandSeptember

Oxfam Oxfam Second Hand September


Photos: www.shutterstock.com | Credit point 2 (L-R) @Mary.Mandefield, @lauracollins95, @oxfamonlinebatley

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