Are your jeans drinking up the world’s water? We’ve got a refreshing alternative for you…

You may have heard about the amount of water it takes to produce some of the food on your plate. But have you ever considered the water-glugging impact of your wardrobe? Take jeans and a t-shirt for example. It’s a fashion classic, but it turns out this simple outfit may have used way more than its fair share of precious water to manufacture.
From growing the cotton to the dyeing process, it can take an estimated 20,000 litres of water to make just one pair of jeans and one t-shirt.

To put this into perspective, it would take more than 13 years to drink this amount.

Millions of pairs of jeans are sold in the UK every year. But with so many people around the world living without safe, clean water – and global demand for water continuing to rise – you’ve got to wonder if such a thirst for fashion can go on.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to keep rocking the denim look that not only saves water – but helps make sure that families around the world no longer struggle without it.

Moms, bootcut, boyfriend – whatever your fit, they ALL help provide clean, safe water when you buy them second hand from Oxfam.

That’s because all profits go to our work helping communities to beat poverty around the world. Which includes providing clean, safe water – something we all need to live a healthy, dignified life. In fact, in the words of Takudzwa, an Oxfam water engineer in Zimbabwe, water IS life…


Meet Takudzwa

Takudzwa has been overseeing a project that will bring piped water to Somerton village in the Masvingo District, all thanks to a solar-powered pump. This nifty, eco-friendly system will supply water to a local school and a clinic, as well as lots of families in the local community.

With water projects all over the world, this is just one example of how donating and shopping with Oxfam makes a difference in this way. Just £10 raised by Oxfam shops is enough to provide water for a family of four. Preventing disease, keeping kids healthy and having a transformative effect on the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

Considering jeans are made to last, and they rarely go out of fashion, buying them second hand seems like a great way to give water back to the world.

What a timeless style statement that would be.

Oxfam shops have a great range of jeans and t-shirts to suit all styles – check out some of latest in Oxfam’s Online Shop now.


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