Learn how to transform worn denim in a matter of minutes


Keeping and wearing clothes for longer is a great way to lessen their eco impact. But what if they’re too damaged or worn?

Often, some simple upcycling is all you need. Take that hole in your jeans. Denim embellishment continues to be a big trend this summer, so try this simple patching technique.

All you need is a pair of scissors, some pins, coloured thread and a denim or fabric patch. Result? A stylish and unique look that will have you loving your jeans for longer.

As part of Second Hand September, we’ll bring you more styling and upcycling tips, to make saying no to new for 30 days a breeze.

Got the embellishment bug? From jeans to jackets and skirts, you can find loads more denim to make your own on Oxfam Online Shop.

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