By saying no to new clothes you’re helping the world’s poorest people adapt and live with climate change


The global textiles industry is proving to be devastating for people and our planet – contributing to 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions which affect climate change. That’s more polluting than aviation and shipping combined.

Pledging not to buy new clothes for 30 days not only helps reduce your own carbon footprint, but when you donate and shop second hand at Oxfam, you’re raising money to help the world’s poorest people adapt to a climate that’s heating up fast.

Already, lives are being devastated by extreme and unpredictable weather – increased flooding, droughts and storms are destroying lives, homes, jobs, livestock and crops. And this is only set to get worse.

climate change affecting the world’s poorest people who can’t adapt to a climate that’s heating up fast.

Hudon lives in Ethiopia with her children. She used to be a pastoralist – a farmer who herds and breeds animals. But the ongoing, severe drought slowly killed her livestock. With no income, food or water, her whole family were at risk. But now, thanks to help from Oxfam supporters and shoppers, the future looks less uncertain.


Photo credits: main image, Kieran Doherty/Oxfam

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