Each year in the UK we use a shocking 1.2 billion metres of cling film, a product which is very hard to recycle. Beeswax wraps have paved the way for a sustainable alternative, not only are they biodegradable and compostable but the colourful designs are beautiful too.

At Oxfam we stock the wonderful The Beeswax Wrap co, online and in our stores too. Their wraps are handmade using organic GOTS certified cotton, pine resin, organic jojoba oil and locally sourced UK beeswax.

What are the benefits of using them?

  • 100% natural – so no chance of any nasties seeping in to your food.
  • Reusable – just clean with a little bit of soap and cold water after each use and then use them again! Give them a refresh every 2-3 months to extend their life – more info below on how to do this.
  • Biodegradable and compostable – once your wrap starts to lose its life you can put it in with your compost or twist it up and use it as a firelighter – cool huh?
  • Keeps food fresh – the combination of natural ingredients and organic cotton fabric allows the wraps to breathe, meaning your food stays fresh for longer. This extends the life of a loaf of bread by about 3-4 days and your sandwiches won’t be limp and lacklustre come lunch time.
  • Clingy – pine resin acts as a natural adhesive and the warmth from your hands helps mould the wraps to give a strong seal.

How to clean beeswax wraps

All you have to do is use a splash of gentle washing up liquid and a bit of cool water and voila! They’re ready to go again.

Refreshing your beeswax wrap – electric oven method

To keep your wraps fresh and sticky it’s best to refresh them every few months. Please note this method is only for electric ovens not gas ovens – if you have a gas oven please follow the Iron Refresh Method below.

Refreshing your beeswax wrap – iron method

This method is quick and easy, and perfect for refreshing wraps too big to fit on a tray in your oven, or if you don’t have an electric oven.


If you’re now converted and want to get your hands on some stunning beeswax wraps, click the link below or visit your local Oxfam shop.

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