It might not be the most fragrant of stocking fillers, but a Pile Of Poo is certainly one way to gift with a difference this festive season. And there are more…

Poo. It’s unlikely to feature in many letters to Santa. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy some. Particularly given the impact it can have on Christmas Day and beyond. Course we’re not talking about any old poo. We’re talking about some very special poo. Poo with powers. Because a Pile Of Poo is one of several Oxfam charity gift cards guaranteed to put smiles on faces and make a lasting difference. Here’s why you should consider buying some.

1. Because… some people actually mean it when they say ‘I don’t really need anything’

Every year, at least one relative will come out with this one. So why not take their word for it and give a much-needed gift to someone else on their behalf?
Food for a family charity gift card

2. Because… a poo isn’t just for Christmas

Not when it’s a Pile Of Poo with the power to transform the lives of entire families. Yes, with this particular Oxfam gift card, you can provide training in how to use it for effective, eco-friendly composting, helping some of the world’s poorest people grow more food to eat and to sell.
Pile of poo gift card

3. Because… it’s the ideal, last minute gift

Whether you missed the parcel postal deadline or have rellies living on the other side of the world, sometimes sending a card is the only practical option. That doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Send a charity gift card and it’ll do way more than decorate the windowsill.
Gift of light charity gift card

4. Because… Christmas doesn’t have to mean clutter

Brother always moaning about mess? Mum-in-law morphing into the family’s own Marie Kondo? Christmas is always a little chaotic and leaves many of us desperate to de-clutter. Charity gift cards are a great way to reduce mess and waste, whilst making a difference. You can recycle them, too.
Super seeds charity gift card

5. Because… some people genuinely prefer giving

Whether it’s the plight of refugees or the devastating impacts of the climate emergency, the season of giving is a time to look beyond our own lives and families. Not surprising then, that many people like giving to charity at this time of year. Pop a charity gift card in their stocking – job done.
Hope for a refugee charity gift card

6. Because… there’s more to choose from than just goats

Fear not, you can still give one . But with many charities offering gift cards, there are plenty of others to choose from too. With Oxfam, you can pick Heroic Honey Bees, life-changing Education For Girls, Care For Mums And Babies and many more. Basically, whoever you’re shopping for, you’re likely to find a good fit.
Heroic honey bees charity gift card

7. Because… you can ace Christmas AND help the planet

Care about the environment or know someone who does? Help For Farmers Facing Climate Change provides training for farmers to help them grow more food and earn more income, in the face of extreme and unpredictable weather. Everyone loves a #GreenChristmas 🙂
Help for farmers charity gift card

To find out more about these and other Oxfam charity gifts, visit

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