Guess how much money will be wasted on unwanted Christmas gifts this year? £10 million? £100 million?

In fact, in 2019 the generous people of the UK will spend more than £1 billion on gifts that their lucky recipients already had, can’t use, or never wanted in the first place.

But all those gifts have got so much potential to do wonderful things in the world. Just take your not-so-perfect gifts to Oxfam, where someone else will be thrilled to find them.

There are loads of great reasons to donate your unwanted gifts – here are just three:

1. Your not-so-perfect gift is a great way to fight poverty

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So you’ve already read all the Dan Browns and you don’t need any more floral pyjamas. The least you can do is turn that brand new book or curious loungewear into cash and use it to help tackle poverty.

Oxfam shops raise millions every year, and thanks to people buying gifts before the big day and donating (others, obviously) afterwards, the festive season is our busiest period. By regifting your ill-fitting, unsuitable or already read items to Oxfam, you’re joining millions of people raising money to help end poverty.

2. One person’s trash could be another person’s treasure

Four Great Reasons To Donate Clothes Instead Of Binning Them
Repeat after us: there’s no such thing as an unwanted gift – there are only gifts that haven’t found their happy owners yet. Because while that Hollyoaks calendar might not have been quite what you had your heart set on, it’ll be ideal for a fan out there.

And when you donate something to Oxfam, it doesn’t just sit on the shelf in your local shop. We’re the first charity to set up an online shop, shipping all over the world, making sure even the most bizarre and bespoke items find a home – and fund poverty-busting work along the way.

3. You can save the planet from the scourge of landfill

Four Great Reasons To Donate Clothes Instead Of Binning Them
Alright, once in a while something lands on Oxfam’s doorstep that even we can’t sell. So you’ve been gifted something so grotesque, so ghastly, so grim, that you’re sure no self-respecting charity shopper would go near it? Oxfam will still use it to tackle poverty.

Many of the items that Oxfam can’t sell go to Wastesaver, our dedicated sorting and recycling plant. From there they can be sold to fashion designers who restyle garments and reuse fabrics. Some materials can be turned into useful things like car soundproofing or mattress stuffing. So in 2020 you might be seeing those hideous Christmas socks on the catwalk, on the motorway, or even back in your bedroom!

We’re proud to say that not a single item of clothing donated to an Oxfam shop will go to landfill. And a healthy planet is something we all want – for Christmas and forever.

Find your nearest Oxfam shop to drop off your donations, and find out more about our Green Christmas appeal.

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