Lockdown. Who’d have thought it would be all about the loo roll again? But if you’re even slightly tempted to start filling your trolley, take a minute – as we edge towards the festive season, you might be better off stockpiling some poo instead. Sounds smelly? Don’t worry! Our ‘Pile Of Poo’ charity gift cards are odour free and can fund training in effective, eco-friendly composting – converting pig-poo to bio-gas for families who really need it. It is just one of a wide range of Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift cards, all of which do something amazing by helping people to live free from poverty. Each one you buy is guaranteed to make someone smile this Christmas, here are a few reasons why.

1. Because… we probably won’t be able to do much, but our gifts can


From poo power to life-changing chickens to clean safe water, every Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift card represents crucial work to support people to live life free from poverty. And what better time to give them than this Christmas? If we’re stuck indoors again, it will feel all the better knowing that the gifts we give are out there, creating real change and boosting happiness around the world. You can read more about the impact of Oxfam Unwrapped gifts here.


2. Because… it’s a great alternative to throwaway gifting


If, like many people, you’re hoping to make this Christmas a little more sustainable, your choice in gifts is a great place to start. Plastic stocking-fillers, turkey leftovers, mountains of wrapping – Christmas can be BIG on waste. But charity gift cards are a great alternative to love-it-one-minute-chuck-it-the-next presents. From livelihood boosters like a Fantastic Farm Yard to game-changers like the Moomin’s themed Equality For All, charity gift cards have the power to help people transform their entire futures and those of their loved ones. What better way to make Christmas last?


3. Because… you can shop from the comfort of your sofa


With the entire Oxfam Unwrapped range online, and the option to send all gifts as e-cards you can do all your Christmas shopping without leaving the house. Need additional presents? You’ll find hundreds of ideas in the Oxfam Online Shop, including preloved and vintage fashion, books and homewares as well as the Sourced By Oxfam range of brand new ethical gifts. This year’s collection includes beautiful accessories and festive decorations.


4. Because… a thoughtful gift is like a hug


Helping others feels good. Fact. So, giving charity gifts is a great way to make people smile and cram the meaning back into Christmas. By choosing carefully, you can make sure presents for family and friends feel really personal too. Thoughtful gifts will mean even more this Christmas, particularly if you’re apart. Whether your dad’s into gardening, your sister fights for what’s right or your best friend loves bees, we’ve got a charity gift card to match. If you really want to send your loved one a hug, check out this lovely Moomin keyring too.


5. Because… we know that unity matters more than ever


The pandemic has proven the power of acting together, loud and clear. As well as the actions we all take as individuals, charity gift cards are another way to be there for others. By giving charity gifts like Food For A Family and Shelter And Warmth, you and your loved ones can stand with women, men and children facing unimaginable hardship. And together, we can make this Christmas mean even more.


Looking for more gift ideas? Check out some of our favourite ethical Christmas presents.
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