We all know this Christmas will be different. Very different. But while we may not be able to celebrate in quite the same way, it doesn’t have to mean missing out.

The unique situation that is Christmas 2020 provides an opportunity to rethink traditions, create new ones, and put the meaning back into Christmas like never before. Here are just a few ways you can sprinkle some magic during the festive season – and how Oxfam can help.

Woman holding Christmas gift

1. Feel closer (even when you’re apart) 

Being away from loved ones is never easy, particularly at Christmas. But thoughtful gestures can help you feel closer. If you’re at all into crafts, handmade gifts will feel really special – Love Your Clothes has lots of ideas, like this block printed tote bag. Or just choose a really personal present – you’ll find thousands of unique and  thoughtful Christmas gifts in the Oxfam Online Shop, including special and first edition books and rare and classic vinyl. You could also choose a charity gift that you know will strike a chord. Whether your dad’s into gardening or your gran loves goats, Oxfam Unwrapped has ideas for everyone. Each charity gift card makes a real difference by helping people living in poverty.

Advent calendar cans

2. Help Christmas mean (even) more

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the power of acting together. The festive season is a great time to do just that, uniting to help others – even if you can’t meet in person.  Not sure what you’d like for Christmas? Why not create your own fundraiser on Facebook and ask for contributions. It’s a really special way to do good this year  ( Or you could join people across the country in creating your own ‘reverse advent calendar. Shopping with Oxfam is another way to make a difference – every item you buy will help families living in poverty, with lots of new ethical products and gifts as well as preloved fashion, homeware and more.

Cardboard decorations

3. Give to the planet

With the likes of Sir David sharing shocking statistics on the state of the natural world, coronavirus hasn’t been the only issue on people’s minds in 2020. No surprise then, that many people are finding new ways to lessen their environmental impact. Thousands of you took part in Second Hand September – thank you. It needn’t stop there. Gifting second hand is just one way to enjoy an eco friendly Christmas. You could also reuse wrapping paper or turn it into festive decorations or envelopes. Or avoid throwaway stocking-fillers and buy brilliant reusables like these cute bamboo cups and lunch boxes – ideal for hot chocolate on a chilly New Year walk.

Handmade Christmas crackers

4. Create a new tradition 

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that some festive traditions will have to be temporarily parked this Christmas. But in the meantime, why not start something new and doable? You could start by introducing loved ones to the wonders of festive woollies – here’s how to turn old jumpers into Christmas ones. You could also fill your own family Christmas crackers, or club together with relatives to buy a life-changing gift for a family in need.

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Christmas presents

5. Make your home magical

If you’re spending most of the festive period at home, it’s a good excuse to make your surroundings feel extra special, with plenty of decorations, sparkle and hygge. There are lots of ideas online – like these pretty upcycled streamers. Or treat yourself to some ethical decorations like this lovely Sari bunting Sourced By Oxfam. Stock up on comforting treats too, including these delicious Tony Chocolonely chocolate bars. And to make gift-giving feel extra special why not try fabric knot wrapping instead of paper? Inspired by the Japanese tradition Furoshiki, this can be done with reusable scarves and fabric off-cuts – Oxfam Online Shop has lots if you need to stock up. Happy making. And happy Christmas.


Feeling festive? Like this post on our twitter feed to get notifications of inspirational,  sustainable Christmas ideas, and special promotions with no need to search!

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