These days, boxing day comes before Christmas, thanks to the new festive trend – the Christmas Eve box: a package of goodies to get the kids ready and keep them happy as they count down the hours (minute by minute and second by second) till the big day.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune buying unsustainable, single-use tat to entertain your little ones. Whether you’re a veteran boxer or you’re trying it out for the first time, here are five brand new, poverty-busting items for your Christmas Eve box, all available in store or on Oxfam’s Online Shop:

TO DRINK: Festive hot chocolate spoon set

Festive chocolate spoons

Warm your kids’ Christmas cockles with a quick, easy and super tasty hot chocolate. Simply add to hot milk (or milk alternative) to make hot chocolate! They’re Fairtrade, handmade, palm oil free and vegan – whew! – and grown by farmers in the Dominican Republic, so you too will get a warm feeling inside, from doing all kinds of good while your little ones sip their soothing nightcap.

But whatever will they drink from?! Never fear:

TO DRINK FROM: Panda mug

Panda mug

If a hot chocolate is like a warm hug from within, what better cuddly creature to represent it than the panda bear? This lovely design was made by people living with complex epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties, and it’s dishwasher safe – so you can have it clean and ready to borrow for your 5am coffee when the kids come bouncing in…

TO DREAM: Moomin comic book: Moomin On The Riviera

Moomin book

What could be more festive? The enchanting Moomins… a cosy, colourful, book… um, sunshine in the south of France? Well, maybe a little escapism from the cool winter weather is just what’s needed. After all, there’s nothing like a Christmas eve curled up in front of the fire, on a favourite armchair – or tucked up in bed listening for hooves on the roof – while turning the pages of a heartwarming book. Oxfam’s partnership with the Moomins helps support women and girls worldwide – and, with the kids kept busy, allows you to put your feet up for a few minutes too.

TO DECORATE: Handmade dog tree decoration

Dog Christmas tree decoration

If yours is the kind of tradition-stickling family that puts up a tree on Christmas Eve, and not a minute before, this decoration will come just in time. And if your tree’s been on display since Hallowe’en, you’re probably not the types to turn down an extra festive ornament. Asha Handicrafts produce lots of our Sourced By Oxfam gifts, including these, and makes sure the profits from their products go back to the very people who make them. With that kind of positive impact, it’s no surprise this be-hatted dalmatian (which reminds us of a certain festive film) looks so cheerful.

TO DEVOUR: Divine Discovery Collection

Divine chocolate

Like any good Christmas, this blog starts and finishes with chocolate indulgence. Because this set is made by Divine – the only Fairtrade chocolate company that’s 44% owned by cocoa farmers – the whole family can binge guilt-free, knowing you’re supporting the Ghanaian farmers who helped make these gifts. This set includes 4 chocolate bars – perfect for sharing.

There are loads more gift ideas for your Christmas Eve box in the Sourced By Oxfam section of our online shop.

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