Oxfam Online Shop is 12 years old – 12 reasons 2007 rocked

Oxfam Online Shop is 12 years old – 12 reasons 2007 rocked

Our very first Oxfam high street shop opened in 1947. 60 years later, in 2007, we launched Oxfam’s Online Shop, the first Online Charity shop.

Over 12 years we have resold, reused and recycled thousands of clothes.

2007 throwback

It’s got us reminiscing about the eventful year that was 2007. The world may’ve been teetering on the edge of financial meltdown, but it turns out there was much to celebrate too.

1. J K Rowling gave us one last helping of Harry Potter

Second hand book at oxfam online - Harry potter

Not only that but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh book in the series, became the fastest selling book ever, winning a Guinness World Record, with millions of copies sold on day one alone.

Did you know you can find second hand books at our online shop?

2. Footwear was ridiculously comfy

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old

They were warm. They were squishy. And comfortable doesn’t even come close. So it’s no surprise that UGG boots were still huge in 2007, having rocketed in popularity in the early ‘00s. Not that you’d have spotted ANY on Instagram – which was yet to enter our lives…

3. We breathed a sigh of relief…

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old

… And a lungful of cleaner air, with smoking banned in enclosed public places and work places in England, following Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

4. Charlie bit Harry’s finger

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old

Two toddlers rose to internet stardom when their dad uploaded a candid home video to YouTube to share with friends and family. Views were soon in the millions and for a short time they were YouTube’s most watched video ever with 129 million hits in 2009 – beaten 171 days later by Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance music video.

5. Simon Pegg made us laugh. And Javier Bardem made us hide behind the sofa

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old

Talk about a big year for film. We can’t believe more than a decade has passed since Hot Fuzz and No Country for Old Men. Not to mention The Golden Compass, The Bourne Ultimatum, Oceans Thirteen and Transformers. It’s also the year that Netflix introduced streaming. Let the binge-watching begin… get a second hand DVD from our online shop.

6. This stupendously cute creature was finally captured on camera

With its oversized ears and kangaroo-like hop, the long-eared jerboa made hearts melt when the Zoological Society of London released the first known footage of this endangered creature in the wild.

7. The UN got a new leader

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old
Ban Ki-moon became Secretary General of the United Nations in 2007. And since his first day in office put climate change high on the UN agenda – an issue that wasn’t such a hot topic back in 2007. But it was in 2015 that he had his breakthrough moment. 197 states signed the Paris Climate Agreement to keep the rise in global temperatures within 2 degrees Celsius from that of preindustrial levels. Two years later Donald Trump caused controversy by withdrawing the US from the Agreement.

8. We discovered that Britain’s Got Talent

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old
Yes, 2007 was the year that Ant and Dec first took to the stage to introduce the best, funniest and downright out-there acts the nation had to offer. With the first series won by opera singer Paul Potts, BGT was an instant hit, attracting millions of viewers.

9. Roger Federer was already smashing it at Wimbledon

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old
Incredibly, just like this year, Federer was in the men’s final in 2007 too. Back then he won – for the fifth year running. He’s now won the championships a record-breaking eight times.

10. Protecting the planet became a headline act

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old
From the UK to Japan, South Africa to Antarctica, Live Earth saw concerts performed across seven continents, with many of the biggest names in music grabbing the mic to wake the world up to climate change. Held at the all-new Wembley Stadium, the UK gig featured the likes of Snow Patrol, Kasabian, The Black Eyed Peas, Duran Duran, Metallica and Madonna.

Did you know you can buy pre-owned vinyl, CDs and instruments on Oxfam Online Shop?

11. The world became a billion trees better off

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old
In 2007, the UN launched the Billion Tree Campaign to help slow climate change – and met its impressive target in less than a year. Now the Trillion Tree Campaign, the initiative’s still going strong, with a new goal that could capture a quarter of all man-made CO2 emissions.

12. And charity shopping became EVEN easier

Second hand September #foundinoxfam - online shop is turning 12 years old
‘Course we had to mention this one. Because when Oxfam launched its online shop, the only one of its kind, it helped raise more funds to beat poverty and made it even easier to shop more sustainably.

Today, the Oxfam Online Shop stocks more than 100,000 donated products, everything from fashion to music to homeware. Check them out today – and help make this year even kinder to people and planet.


Photo credits: www.shutterstock.com, Ban Ki-moon by Cantus/Creative Commons, Roger Federer by TennisStreaming/Creative Commons.

5 Reasons to Volunteer at the New Oxfam Superstore

5 Reasons to Volunteer at the New Oxfam Superstore

The superstore will open its doors to the public on Saturday 7th September, take part of the ambitious new venture.


5 reasons to volunteer at the new Oxfam superstore:


1 – You will make a difference. Experience a real feeling of achievement and discover the direct impact your time spent volunteering produces in the world.

2- You’ll be part of an exciting new community project right from the start. Just a few hours a week at the superstore will give you the chance to learn new skills, share your passion and make new friends.


3- You will be given all necessary training & support and will gain nationally recognised retail qualifications.
4- It’s open to anyone. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a lover of literature or whatever your skills or interests, there is a volunteer role to match. Read the story of Odile who volunteered at the Oxfam boutique shop in Westbourne to find out more.
5- Sometimes some celebrities visit Oxfam’s Shops!

The new Superstore is different, here is why:


  • It’s bigger! It will sell second-hand clothes, shoes, homewares, books, music, furniture but also products from the ‘Sourced By Oxfam’ range of brand new ethically sourced gift and homewares.
  • It has an on-site café, housed in an Oxfam water tank
  • Interactive workshops, activities and talks will take place regularly in-store
  • There is a drive-through donation point
  • There is free parking



Join Oxfam’s volunteer community

Oxfam Fashion Show during London Fashion Week

Oxfam Fashion Show during London Fashion Week

Supermodels and music stars hit the catwalk for Oxfam show during London Fashion Week.

On Monday 18th February we hosted our second Fashion Fighting Poverty Catwalk show as part of London Fashion Week. We wanted to showcase how Oxfam is part of the solution to fast fashion by giving clothes a second chance to be sold and preventing them ending up in landfill.

Here at Oxfam we never lose sight of the reason we sell fashion, which is to raise money to help the world’s poorest people.

A £10 dress can provide clean water for 10 people in an emergency.

See the show’s highlights

Supermodels and music stars hit the catwalk for Oxfam show during London Fashion Week.

Top models Stella Tennant, Daisy Lowe, Lottie Moss and Yasmin Le Bon were joined on the catwalk by super-cool designer Bella Freud and music stars Emeli Sandé and Una Healy.

Bella Freud and Nayara Santos De Oliveira in Oxfam’s Fashion Fighting Poverty Show 2019. Image: Chris Yates/Oxfam

Yasmin Le Bon and Malaika Firth in Oxfam’s Fashion Fighting Poverty Show 2019. Image: Chris Yates/Oxfam

All the models were styled in Oxfam clothes, selected from the Oxfam Online Shop and Oxfam high street shops by Vogue Contributing Editor Bay Garnett. You can shop the catwalk here:


4 Reasons to Use the My Oxfam App

4 Reasons to Use the My Oxfam App

The My Oxfam app shows how people are being helped out of poverty; demonstrates the difference you make via your donation tally and allows you to donate quickly and easily, right in your pocket.


So I have to admit, I’m not a very techy person. An avid fan of the Nokia phone in all its indestructible glory I do what I need to do to manage blogging and then I’m out… However I have been feeling a little jealous that I wasn’t able to try playing on the new ‘My Oxfam’ app that has been making such a splash in the technical world, so, when I finally took the technical plunge of investing in a tablet, this app was right at the top of my download list.

My Oxfam is really easy to find, just type into Google Play or Apple Store and the familiar Oxfam logo will appear. I found the app really simple to get started with, even for a technophobe like me! You can sign into the app either by making a new account or (if you like the lazy option!) through Facebook.


1- Read Oxfam Programme Stories

The first thing you see is a news feed full of Oxfam programme stories which you can click on to get snapshots and video clips opening your eyes to completely different ways of life in all the places around the world that Oxfam’s staff and volunteers are acting to help end poverty.

My Oxfam App Newsfeed read programme stories


2- Shop Online

As a charity shopping fanatic, the first thing I made a beeline for on the app was the online shop. You can bring up a side bar by clicking the three-line icon at the top left of the screen next to the app logo. This gives you loads of options to navigate around key Oxfam website content from within the app, including the Online Shop.


3- Donate

However, the app is of course not only about shopping and keeping up to date but also a great way to support Oxfam. The app team have created a really simple way to manage one-off and monthly donations with a wheel design that you can simply scroll to the amount you want and you will see exactly what your donation could do for someone on the receiving end of Oxfam’s funding. Amazing! You can easily select to pay by either card or Paypal too so you can choose what suits you best.

After you have donated you get a lovely Thank You message and video and can see a wheel breaking down exactly where your money goes when you give to Oxfam. I love that you can feel such an instant connection with Oxfam’s work when you donate. The Thank You message also appears on your news feed in amongst all the articles about Oxfam’s work once the money has cleared, letting you know your donation has been safely received and is being put to good use in fighting poverty!

Oxfam Donation on the App


4- Track Gift Aid

Another cool thing you can see is a record of, not just the donations you’ve made through the app, but a list of all the donations and shop payments by card that you’ve ever made. This even includes the amount you’ve donated by gift-aiding your donations as the money links through once the items you’ve given have sold.

If you want to give the app a go and find out how much you’ve given to Oxfam over the years then sign up today for free!

My Oxfam App Gift History


This free app is available on iOS and Android.


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