Covid-19 FAQs

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It's too early to know for sure yet, but we hope so! Keep an eye on our social media and you'll be the first to hear.

If your chosen festival is cancelled, we will notify you as soon as possible and return your deposit to you. No admin fees will be charged. Please note, this can take 10-15 days to reach your bank account.

If you are signed up for a festival when it cancels, we will still count this towards priority.

We are also rolling over our priority list from 2021 to 2022. This means that if you qualified for priority in 2021, then you will still qualify in 2022, no matter what happens this year.

Find out more about priority applications here

Sorry, we can't roll stewarding places or campaigner places over to the next year. However, active applications for events that get cancelled or postponed are still counted towards priority for the next year.

We don't offer the chance to roll places forward because this would conflict with our existing priority system, and because we don't always know how many places we will have on offer at next year's event.

It's too early to say, as the situation changes very rapidly. Some festival organisers are considering various options including vaccine passports, mass testing, and temperature checks. Keep an eye on our website and emails for updates.

None of the festivals we work with are currently considering making vaccination mandatory.

At this stage it's too early to say which events will have to implement what Covid-19 control measures. We will update the individual festival pages on our sites as we get more information.

If you were expecting to join us at a festival, but you are required by law to self-isolate, contact us as soon as possible. We will refund your deposit in these circumstances, but we may need evidence of the requirement to isolate. We will advise you what evidence is needed once we have more information later in the season.

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