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We’re looking for passionate campaigners who are confident, outgoing and who are happy speaking clearly and knowledgeably about Oxfam’s campaign.

You need to show us that you will be able to engage confidently with fellow festival goers! When you apply, we ask that you can tell us, in no more than 300 words, why you would make a great campaigner and to record a 3 minute video showing us how passionate you are about this year's campaign which will be focussing on Climate Justice.

We’re looking for great communicators with plenty of energy who can spread the word about Oxfam’s vital campaign around the festival, whilst also having a great time!

This summer, Oxfam will be launching our new climate justice campaign as the UK prepares to host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). Your work on delivering the campaign to festival-goers will help thousands of people join climate activists around the world in using their voice to call for change.

Right now, climate change is destroying homes and wrecking lives as extreme weather is becoming more frequent and more intense. It is people living in poverty that are affected the most by climate change.

More intense and unpredictable weather means that sea levels are rising, people’s crops and homes are being destroyed, and their ability to earn a living is impacted - often in areas where basics like clean water and healthcare are not guaranteed.

This is an injustice that can and must be stopped, but we need to act now - there is time to prevent global temperatures rising, and to support those on the frontlines of the climate emergency.

Festival Campaigners will be expected to complete four shifts, each shift lasting six hours, and you'll get a break for lunch. The latest you will be required to work is 6pm.

Shifts may involve several different activities to keep them interesting. Please note that campaigning is predominantly a roaming role. We will also provide you with one meal voucher for each shift.

All campaigners work the same shift times so changing shift time is not possible. If you have any problem with being able to complete your shift you will need to talk directly to the Oxfam Campaign staff onsite as soon as possible.

Festival Campaigning places are allocated according to whether you meet the selection criteria. There is no guarantee that because you have a place, your friend will also have one, so please be prepared to be working with people that you don't know. We work in small groups decided onsite and we mix these up over the week, so you'll be working with lots of different people.

Campaigners may be asked to wear an Oxfam campaign t-shirt, which we will provide. In 2019 we used up-cycled Oxfam t-shirts from previous years campaigns. Apart from that, you will need to bring practical clothes to suit different times of day and weather conditions. Sturdy shoes and a waterproof coat are essential! We will include items we suggest you bring in the arrival information email 2 weeks before the festival.

You must be available until the end of your last shift on Sunday afternoon, as per the campaigning dates you agree to on the application form when you apply. You may leave site after this providing there are no restriction on traffic or gates imposed by the festival - this can be confirmed onsite by the Campaigns Manager.

You can apply for volunteering online via the Oxfam website. You will be able to access our website and complete your application on your smartphone, iPad or tablet device. Check on our festival pages which festivals we will be campaigning at, then login or create account on our website here and select your festival.

We review all applications a few weeks after we launch and aim to get back to you to confirm festival places within a month. Feedback time for applications made after this may vary, so please refer to the website for updated response times during the season. If your application is unsuccessful your deposit will be refunded into your account.

This year all festival campaigners will receive dedicated training in advance of the event and on site. The advance training will be pre-arranged and will be delivered in one session via Zoom but in two halves. The first half will be on best practice for campaigning. The second half will focus on the Climate Justice campaign actions for this year.

Further details will be confirmed in writing to you, if you have been successful. We will also send you further information 2 weeks before the festival which will include arrival information, briefing times and documents to read before you arrive on-site.

Yes. We bring a new campaign to festivals each summer, so it is crucial you attend the training. Nobody is exempt from this and if you do not attend a session you will not be allowed to volunteer with us as a festival campaigner.

A full refund will be issued to everyone who only applied for a campaigning role. If you have also applied for a stewarding role, normal admin fees apply if cancelling before the cancellation deadline.

If you are stewarding at one or more festivals, you will receive a full refund within 4 weeks of your last festival, assuming you completed all your shifts.

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