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What can I do to raise funds for Oxfam from home?

Many of you will have been looking forward to taking part in an event for Oxfam this year – from the London Marathon to our walking challenge, Trailwalker.

The good news is you can still fundraise to help people facing the coronavirus all over the world, from your own home!

It’s easy to set up your own fundraiser on JustGiving and other platforms.

Some of our staff and volunteers have been doing things like sponsored haircuts and star-jumps. You could join them by setting up your own and raising money for Oxfam’s vital work.


Follow these 3 steps to make a life-changing difference to the world’s most vulnerable people from your own home.


Set up a Just Giving page




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Share a skill

We challenge you to come up with a 30-minute virtual class (or series of classes) to help others learn from you. You don’t have to be an expert, just have the enthusiasm to get others to join in. Try something new and raise money for Oxfam at the same time.

  • Decide on your 30 minute class idea (examples: Making your best recipe, A 30 minute workout, How to play your favourite song, Performing your best dance)
  • Schedule a Virtual Meeting (Zoom offers free meetings)
  • Send the invitation to your contact list and post it on your social media and make sure to add your Just Giving page and a suggested donation
  • Hold your class and pass on the fun(draising)!

Photo: Katie Richardson/Oxfam

Host a virtual quiz

Create a sheet for the participants to fill in (no cheating!), round up a few teams, invite everyone to a Zoom call, and find out who the real brainboxes in your contact list are. A pound or two to enter and donation forfeits for the worst answers.

  • Find your list of questions and make a corresponding answer sheet
  • Schedule a Virtual Meeting (Zoom offers free meetings)
  • Send the invitation to your contact list and post it on your social media and make sure to add your Just Giving page and a suggested donation
  • Have everyone email you the sheets afterwards and distribute them back to different teams for marking at the end
  • Hold your class and pass on the fun(draising)!

Photo: Dunja Opalko

DIY and Donate

There’s lots we can’t do in these times, but still plenty of things we can! Take something you’d have spent money on in usual circumstances, work out how to do it yourself then donate the difference. Upcycle those old clothes, unpack the hair clippers or make some bath bombs. Money saved is money raised!

  • Think about what you’d usually buy/do during a standard month and come up with a DIY version instead
  • Share your plan online (maybe even hold a class for it!) and ask your contact list and social media followers to try to the same
  • Work out what you’d usually spend and then donate it to your Just Giving page, asking others to do the same if they can
  • Keep up the do it yourself mentality and think about what else you can replace with a home made version!

Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Walk / Jog / Run / Cycle

Inspired by our Trailwalker event that challenges teams of 4 to walk 100km in just 30 hours, we've made an isolation version! We challenge you to nominate 3 friends to walk/jog/run/cycle 100km alone but together, or complete a solo 25km, over the next 30 days. Remember to keep 2 meters away from others if you’re doing this in a public space.

  • Find a team of 4 to move 100km together or challenge yourself to complete 25km
  • Let everyone know what your doing by sharing the idea with your contact list and social media, making everyone aware of your Just Giving page too
  • Use your hour of exercise outside, your garden or even your stairs to get moving in whatever way works for you
  • Track your distance using Strava and it’ll link to your Just Giving page for everyone to see your progress
  • Keep sharing how it’s going and complete a version of one of the toughest team endurance challenges around!



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Why fundraise for Oxfam?

Too many people around the world live in cramped conditions, with no access to clean water or proper handwashing facilities, and are already facing crises like conflict and hunger. For these communities, the Coronavirus could be catastrophic.

We’re doing everything we can to protect the poorest people from the Coronavirus. But we need your help to do more.

Your support helps us deliver soap, clean water and handwashing facilities to keep more families safe.

Read more about our response to Covid-19 >

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