Oxfam’s Coronavirus Emergency Response Appeal

Right now, we’re all deeply worried that the coronavirus is a global threat to anyone with underlying health issues. It’s even more worrying that the poorest and most vulnerable people in all societies are likely to suffer the most.

That’s why we have opened this appeal, to come together and help the global community.

At home and in all countries around the world billions of people already struggle to earn a living, without the threat of isolation and job losses. Half the world’s population don’t have access to basic medical care, and millions are already facing threats like famine and cholera. And if the disease hits refugee camps where people don’t have easy access to washing facilities or health care, the coronavirus will be devastating.

Because we are part of a local AND global community.

It’s heartwarming to see a rise in local community spirit around the world. It’s crucial that we don’t forget the wider global community and help the most vulnerable communities around the world to be as protected as possible. In what is already a hugely challenging time for people facing the injustice of poverty, your support has never been more vital.

We need to help others stay safe.

Regular handwashing with soap and water is the single most important thing we can do to prevent the spread of disease. It’s simple, quick and cost effective. Donations from Oxfam supporters mean that we’ve been stopping the spread of diseases for decades –through hygiene training, water tanks, taps, loos and soap. As a result, millions of people are safe from diseases like cholera, who otherwise wouldn’t be.

By supporting this fundraiser today you will help enable our response to the COVID-19 pandemic across all our work where the need is greatest.

Oxfam is working with our local partners, ministries of health, and key UN agencies in 65 countries to respond to the crisis and help save lives.

In many countries, we have already ramped up hygiene awareness, the delivery of soap, hand-washing facilities and clean water especially to people in higher-risk areas.

Work is already taking place in a number of countries where we programme.

  • In the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh there is a large risk of devastating spread of Covid-19 in the cramped, sprawling sites. Oxfam will shortly be adapting its public health promotion and community engagement work to include messaging on Covid-19.
  • Across the border in Myanmar, Oxfam’s local partners are providing Covid-19 awareness raising messaging to people in hard to reach camps near the Chinese border.
  • In the Middle East, our Iraq team is supporting Primary Healthcare Centres with disinfection materials and has begun awareness raising in camps we work in.
  • Oxfam in Lebanon has distributed soap and is training volunteers to provide Covid-19 awareness messaging in refugee camps.

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