Buckets save lives

Help stop children dying from preventable waterborne diseases


A deadly killer

Around the world, 663 million people have no access to clean safe water.

Right now, millions of children take a terrible risk every time they take a drink. The water they drink is filthy and full of killer diseases. Every day nearly 1,000 children die from this dirty water. That’s 1,000 preventable deaths.


“It’s difficult for us to survive. We came to Juba expecting a promising future after independence, but we’re in a worse situation. We don’t have money, food and clean water and we can’t go anywhere because there is no security. These days, the only water we drink is from the rain and the river, exposing ourselves to diseases like cholera. We know it is risky, but we can’t afford the tablets to purify it.”

Jennifer Moses (pictured here feeding her grandson).


A clever solution

We work hard to provide clean water, but even when clean water is available, collecting it and keeping it clean is a major challenge. The Oxfam bucket keeps safe water safe. It keeps clean water clean. And it keeps young children alive. Without this bucket, even fresh water can quickly become stale and stagnant and dangerous to drink.


A lifesaving Oxfam bucket costing just £3 includes:

  • A tap – to pour water in a safe, hygienic way
  • A lid – to keep insects and germs out
  • A dip – to carry it comfortably on the head
  • UV material – to prevent sun damage

Now you can help

By sending an Oxfam bucket you could save lives. Each bucket costs less than £3. And that bucket could keep a family safe from killer diseases. And save all their lives.

could help build toilet and washing facilities for families made homeless.
could help provide families with clean, safe water to drink.
could buy life-saving hygiene kits to stop the spread of disease.

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